3D Anniversary Photo Collage for Parents, Grandparents and Significant Others

Have you ever wondered about the perfect anniversary gift to give to your loved ones? Are your parents, grandparents or significant other hard to buy for? Well, look no further because Collagery has the solution.

Our Photo Collages

Everyone loves photos. They mark the milestones in our lives: Re-living favorite memories of family, friends, special occasions, vacations and holidays. Instead of photos tucked away in a photo album or on your phone, Collagery offers a unique way to display those special memories.

You provide Collagery with photos that highlight their lives together. How and where they met, their wedding, moments with children/grandchildren, places they vacationed and special family occasions are just a few examples. 

What makes our collages unique is that pictures are raised, creating a 3D effect.  For further personalization, objects and mementos can be incorporated into the collage. Some examples are a vacation magnet, their favorite sports team memorabilia and things reflecting their hobbies and interests.  Other personal items such as a concert ticket stub, business card and mementos can also be included. The choices are endless.

This one-of-a-kind collage will leave your loved ones speechless when they open this very personal gift. So if you want to give a uniquely individual keepsake for your parents, grandparents or your significant other, let Collagery design a beautiful collage that they will always cherish and enjoy.

Our Company

We have been creating personalized photo collages for over 40 years. When you contact us we will provide you with all the information you need to present a spectacular anniversary collage for your loved ones.

We’re dedicated to providing quality collages to enjoy for years to come, so contact us today at (631) 240-7811 to get started.


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