Anniversary collage : For parents, husband, wife, grandparents, etc.  They make a personalized gift for that special milestone anniversary like a 25th or 50th.  Include pictures and memorabilia from how they met, their lives together and of their family/friends.

Birthday collage - Present a personalized gift of that special milestone year, i.e., 50th birthday, 60th, 70th, etc. Pictures/memorabilia from their childhood to present day, all the things that makes the person unique – their hobbies, interests, favorite things - are incorporated into the collage.

Best friend collageBesides photos/memorabilia of past and present, include things in the collage that only the two of you share, like private jokes and nicknames.

Family photos or baby’s first year photo collageTake those photos from your phone or picture album and transport them into a collage where you can re-live family memories or baby’s first year in a collage artwork.

Memory collageYou will always remember them when you can reminisce the wonderful memories of their life.

Home Décor collage  – Movie collages make a unique home decor for any media room.  Music collages, collages of the theatre or a collage of your favorite team will decorate your home in a unique way.

Pet collageHow about a dog, cat or pet collage created from all those cute photos you took of them?  Items like a collar, favorite toy or cat treat/dog biscuit can be added as well.

Retirement collageThey may be retired from work but not from life. But they can remember the time spent at their business or job when presented with a collage based on those memories.

Reunion collageA once in a lifetime reunion or reunions through the years can always be treasured when pictures are viewed in collage form.

Vacation collage“The tan may fade but the memories remain”. There’s no way to recollect that dream trip or vacation if you have the pictures/memorabilia hidden from view.  Always revisit them when you have a vacation collage created based on those memories.

Wedding collage – After “I do”, you can always remember those special moments of your wedding by seeing your photos/memorabilia as art on your wall, not tucked away in a photo album or video.